ABOUT LINX Battle Arena

Linx Battle Arena takes the third person survival shooter in a new direction with fast paced action based matches where you will constantly be aware of how vulnerable you are.

This is pure PVP. No teams, just you versus everyone else in a fight to the death.

In every match, you will start off with a single handgun with 5 bullets and only 50% health.

Linx Battle Arena is still under development and I am looking to the community to guide the direction of the game. Use the forums  on Steam to give me feedback so that the game you want is the end product that I will produce.



Find cash boxes across the arenas to buy guns and health. You can only ever carry 1 gun and 1 clip so you will always be vulnerable to a quick attack and so will your enemies so arena domination will not come easily.


No cash boxes needed for weapons here, just get to the Gun Stations to get your next weapon. Each time you run out of ammo, the gun station will give you a new random gun. This could put you back to the Mk7 Gillan Pistol or if luck is on your side you might get the V3 Plasma Launcher. Health stations are positioned around the arenas so get cash boxes to survive.